Great Southern Sports Talent Association Objectives

Help selected athletes and coaches in the region progress from sub-elite to elite level within their appropriate high performance pathway.

Identify opportunities to promote, educate and financially assist talented athletes and coaches throughout the region.

Support the development and coordination of courses and seminars aimed at talented athletes and coaches within the region.

Advise and assist sporting associations in implementing high performance pathways.

Identify key regional stakeholders and consistently work in partnership with them.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by the Albany, Mt Barker & Tambellup Cranbrook Community Banks

Funded by:

Funded by Department of Sport and Recreation and Royalties for Regions
Funded by Department of Sport and Recreation and Royalties for Regions


Athlete Support

Athlete Financial Support Scheme (AFSS) helps talented athletes to improve their daily training environment

Coach Support

The Coach Financial Support Scheme (CFSS) helps talented and driven coaches to undertake professional development opportunities

Regional Program Support

The Regional Association Financial Support Scheme (RAFSS) is to enhance regional talent development programs

News & Events

Eleanor Barnett GSSTA Athlete Financial Support Scheme (29/11/2016 11:06 AM)

Eleanor Barnett is a 13 year old athlete from Albany who has represented Western Australia at the 2016 Australian Junior Athletics Championships as part of the WA Team and competed in the 400m and 800m events and this has resulted in her being selected in Athletics WA Talent ID Squad.

Eleanor is planning to compete in the 2017 Australian Junior Athletics Championships which are held in Sydney next March.

Athletics WA supports Eleanor and acknowledges the GSSTA grant of $1,000.00 will enable her to continue her development while still residing in the Great Southern and provide the services that will help her TID Squad training and the achievement of her national championships goal.

GSSTA’s grant will assist Eleanor to gain gym membership and attend a Sustainable Motion Program in Albany.

GSSTA Great Southern Coaches Club presents Jon Pitts (03/11/2016 02:00 PM)

GSSTA Great Southern Coaches Club held its last Coaches event for this year at the ACCI Conference Room on Wednesday, 2nd November 2016.

Jon Pitts presented to the Coaches Club "Switching on the Lightbulb in your players".

Jon touched on topics such as the power of self awareness,  importance of skill acquisition, balance and stability, dealing with Anxiety and how the player/coach can work on Perform, Review, Reflect and Prepare.


GSSTA and Jon Pitts present an Athlete and Parent Session at Dog Rock Convention Centre (03/11/2016 01:47 PM)

GSSTA Athlete and Parent Session with Jon Pitts on Monday, 31st October 2016 at Dog Rock Convention Centre

Jon Pitts presented to a group of Althetes and parents from many sports including AFL, Cricket, Surfing, Hockey, Equestrian, Soccer (Football) and Athletics.

Jon discussed the  Coach, Parent and Athlete Triangle and how to maintain perspective and avoid tunnel vision, psychology of winning and losing and am I good enough?








Jon Pitts

· Is an expert in elite performance coaching

· Offers solutions in sport and business to stay ahead of the curve

· Understands what it takes to nurture potential and achieve results in the toughest arenas

· Develops skill acquisition programs for players and clubs

· Maximizes human capital and creates a high performance culture