Great Southern Sports Talent Association Objectives

Help selected athletes and coaches in the region progress from sub-elite to elite level within their appropriate high performance pathway.

Identify opportunities to promote, educate and financially assist talented athletes and coaches throughout the region.

Support the development and coordination of courses and seminars aimed at talented athletes and coaches within the region.

Advise and assist sporting associations in implementing high performance pathways.

Identify key regional stakeholders and consistently work in partnership with them.

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by the Albany, Mt Barker & Tambellup Cranbrook Community Banks

Funded by:

Funded by Department of Sport and Recreation and Royalties for Regions
Funded by Department of Sport and Recreation and Royalties for Regions


Athlete Support

Athlete Financial Support Scheme (AFSS) helps talented athletes to improve their daily training environment

Coach Support

The Coach Financial Support Scheme (CFSS) helps talented and driven coaches to undertake professional development opportunities

Regional Program Support

The Regional Association Financial Support Scheme (RAFSS) is to enhance regional talent development programs

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Jon Pitts

· Is an expert in elite performance coaching

· Offers solutions in sport and business to stay ahead of the curve

· Understands what it takes to nurture potential and achieve results in the toughest arenas

· Develops skill acquisition programs for players and clubs

· Maximizes human capital and creates a high performance culture


Presentation to Jenny Cristinelli (21/10/2016 02:07 PM)

Jenny Cristinelli, from Tambellup has been successful in her GSSTA Application for Coach Financial Support in the sum of $1,380.00 to assist her to attend the Advanced Netball Accreditation Course commencing on 16th October 2016 and is held over two weekends.

The Advanced Coaching Course is a Netball Australia accredited course aimed at educating and developing coaches in advanced coaching principles and practices as well as netball skills.  This course forms part of the National Coaching Framework. This accreditation is a Netball WA requirement for future Head Coaches within Regions throughout the State.  Jenny will become the second Advanced Accredited Coach in the Great Southern region.

The purpose of the Advanced Coaching Course is to enable the next level of coaching to be delivered regionally.


GSSTA (13/10/2016 10:51 AM)

Great Southern Sports Talent Association (“GSSTA”) will be holding their AGM on Tuesday, 8th November 2016 at 4.30pm at Department of Sport and Recreation, 22 Collie Street, Albany.

Nominations are open for one board member position on the GSSTA Management Committee.

For further information contact Shelley McDonald, Executive Support, GSSTA on 98920152

or Email:




GSSTA Great Southern Coaches Club Breakfast on the Couch with a Sports Psychologist (21/07/2016 06:35 PM)


Sports Psychologist, Adrian Schonfeld was a guest speaker at the Great Southern Coaches Club breakfast held on Tuesday 5 July, hosted by the Great Southern Sports Talent Association.  Adrian is a Director of Three Spires Performance Consulting and a current Sport Psychologist with Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS).

He shared his knowledge and skills with coaches from all disciplines and sports on how to incorporate a mental training program into pre-season training with athletes. 

Adrian has supported summer and winter Olympic athletes from Western Australia on their journey to qualify, perform and recover from the games.  He is currently assisting with final preparations for the athletes that will be competing in Rio Olympics.

According to Darrel Panizza, Chairperson of GSSTA “It is great for our region and our coaches, of all levels to be able to gain an insight into what it takes to support a high performance athlete.  Coaches and parents play an important support role and we look forward to gaining some tips and ideas to how we can continue to play our part. We bat above our weight with our talent pool and it is great to be able to support events like this.’

Adrian Schonfeld also delivered a short Mental Skills Training session to the Great Southern athletes that are part of the WAIS/GSSTA Developing Champions program. The highlight for these athletes will also be a presentation by Brant Garvey, a Great Southern local who is now an Australian para-triathlete, WAIS scholarship holder currently aiming for Rio.